Solution-focused Teambuilding & Supervison

"When the teams positive energy contagions to pupils, parents och colleagues then the supervison and teambuilding have served its best purpose."

Solution-focused Teambuilding:

The purpose of teambuilding is to strengthen team spirit and to promote collaboration while we facilitate for the team to develop in the direction they desire. We focus on the importance of establishing attractive and well-defined goals and aim to stimulate ideas about how to achieve these.
Whatever your requirements we offer a personalised engagement, so please contact us to discuss your team building properties.

Phone: Kerstin Måhlberg +46709746666



Solution-focused Supervision/Consultation:

Each supervision/consultation is created from your specific needs and desires. Typically, we deal with cases, staff and group dynamics and/or method development. We highlight and strengthen what already works to everyone's satisfaction and foreground each individual's own gifts, resources and competence.