Solution-focused Education in Sweden

Employing SFE as a method in the world of education is a relatively new phenomenon. SFE is an alternative to the more traditional mediation-based approach to teaching.
Even the old "Greeks" advocated the importance of pedagogical development by honoring individual thinking and developing the use of dialogue in the pursuit of greater knowledge. Developing a similar dialogue-based approach, and employing
it as a teaching-learning tool with pupils, is also fundamental to solution-focused working in schools. 

"Through active interplay using dialogue with the teacher responsible for maintaining the flow, the pupil is encouraged in this two-way process to be not only responsive, but creative as well." (SFE Måhlberg & Sjöblom, 2004)
"In our view, pedagogy is not what the teacher says or does, neither what the pupil learns. Pedagogy is an activity, which teacher and pupil engage in together. We advocate this dialogical alternative - both internal and spoken dialogue, as a
means of stimulating the learning process, whereby teachers and pupils begin to learn from each other, and perhaps more importantly, from themselves - through reflection and a growing self-awareness." (SFE Måhlberg & Sjöblom, 2004)

"Solution-focused Education consists of a number of complimentary elements. We have noticed that these elements converge in different ways in different situations. In order to make this clear, we have divided them into two main groups, approaches to teaching and conversation methodology. We consider these as two steady legs to stand on."

Solution-focused Education builds on the following premises:
Respectful cooperation between teacher an pupil is more productive than confrontation.
The pupil's self-formulated goals are more likely to be achieved than teacher-set
Dialogue can be used as an effective educational tool."

"A solution-focused teacher uses the solution-focused model in her classroom work, her management of the curriculum, as well as a direct means of engaging with pupils, parents and colleagues. This means that the teacher builds solutions jointly with her pupils, fostering their individual resources and goals. The teacher focuses particularly on pupils' positive behavior rather than the negative, and supports them through encouragement and positive feedback. One always assumes that change is possible, and keeps looking for the smallest sign from the pupil that success is imminent." (SFE Måhlberg & Sjöblom, 2004) SFE = Solution-Focused Education ISBN: 91-631-2943-4 at