Solution-Focused Education - for a happier School

Authors: Kerstin Måhlberg och Maud Sjöblom
published by Måhlberg & Sjöblom
ISBN 91-631-2943-4
176 pages
208mm x 150mm

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"Do you want your students to be the best they can be? Do you want your schools to be they best they can be? If your answer is yes, then this is a must-read book for you. Having known this talented group of teachers at Mellansjo school outside of Stockholm for many years, I am very pleased that they have finally decided to share their insights and the wisdom they have gained with others in classrooms. There are already a number of books published for school counselors, but this is the first book specially designed for teachers in classrooms who struggle with nitty-gritty daily encounters with children than can wear teachers down. Perspectives from the popular Solution-Focused Brief Therapy view offers a 'leaping out of the box' mindset and many common sense techniques for every teacher's toolbox."

                                                       Insoo Kim Berg, Milwaukee, USA

Maud Sjöblom, Insoo Kim Berg, Kerstin Måhlberg

"You who read this book will probably reflect that it is not only a book about solution-focused teaching. It is more than that. Actually, it is a manifesto for a well-functioning school system in which everyone - pupils and teachers, as well as support staff and parents - feels good, enjoys themselves, enjoys learning and above all feels appreciated."

Ben Furman, Helsinki, Finland

Solutions Focused thinking is reaching out from therapeutic roots into wider fields including management, coaching and education. Inspired by the solution-focused model, Swedish special education teachers Kerstin Måhlberg and Maud Sjöblom have developed Solution Focused Education at the FKC Mellansjö School outside Stockholm. This offers an alternative approach to engaging with young people and a fresh perspective on the learning process itself.
The book combines description and discussion in such a way that the reader can choose which tools and techniques will most readily adapt to their own situation. It describes in detail how to converse with pupils and their parents in a solution-focused manner, and how to raise awareness of pupils' own resources and focus on what already works for them.
The approach and techniques have been proved over time with the most challenging pupils and settings. By taking up new perspectives on what is happening, a different way of thinking can be created, leading to real and lasting progress. This book is aimed at all teachers, regardless of their pupils' stage of education, and will interest those wanting to take positive and pragmatic steps in challenging classroom situations.

Foreword by Ben Furman
The Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Model
Our two sources of inspiration
Solution Focused Education
From theory to education
The pedagogical effectiveness of the model
Development of a methodology
What is pedagogy?
Different models of problem-solving
Different ways of thinking
Together we can create solutions
Stepping into the circle of solutions
The solution-focused approach
Creating good relationships
Respecting the pupil's model of the world
Positive feedback
Focusing on competence and ability
Noticing positive change
Routines instead of rules
A shared approach
The conversation methodology
Creative questions
Goals and steps on the way
Future-oriented questions
The miracle question
The pause in the educational discussion
Supervision from an SFE perspective
The importance of language
Language is a requirement for thinking
Working with parents

Seeing parents as a resource
Progress Assessment Meetings
All pupils have special needs
Pupils with deviant behaviour patterns
Collaboration between teacher and pupil
Solving conflicts
Action Plans
A happier school
FKC Mellansjö school