Kerstin Måhlberg


I´m a former teacher, special educationalist with a head teachers degree. During the last 15 years I have combined my work as a consultant - training teachers and school-leaders in Solution-focused Education - with my work as a head teacher at Mellansjö School in Stockholm and Västersjö School in Gothenburg, Sweden. October 2010 I took a break from the work as a headteacher and nowadays I´m concentrating of running our own business.
After me and my school colleagues 1991-1992 got our 2 years training in the Solution-focused Brief Therapy model we started to transform the therapeutic model into the field of teaching. We have tried out our ideas in our daily work in school and, experience by experience, we gradually developed what we today call Solution-focused Education.
All this resulted in me and Maud Sjöblom together wrote the book ”Lösningsinriktad pedagogik” 2001, that have become a bestseller in Sweden. 2004 the book was translated into to English. The Solution-focused Education is now tranlated into Bulgarian, Dutch, German and soon Chinese.
We are for ever grateful for all the support during the years we have received from Insoo Kim Berg and Steve de Shazer.

Since Solution-focus is my dearest interest since -91 I have thought a lot about how to develop the solution-focused language in my daily work and how to use the power of thought to reach what I want to accomplish.
After working as a school-leader for 15 years the Solution-focused approach has become the major part of my leadership. To get groups and teams to get on well, developing and perform their best by solution-focused teambuilding have always been a big challange.
Within FKC we always strive for practise a Solution-focused leadership by practically apply it in all daily situations that occurs. We gladly let the positive thinking be with us when dealing with trouble and other provocative situations that daily arises. To ask how somebody is feeling, to listen, to appreciate, respect and show consideration are important well-being factors to preserve a good working environment. By focusing on the positive thing we utilize everybodies resources and competence. We believe we will be successful and gladly share our successes with each other. With a lot of humour
we increases our creativity and the leadership is so much more pleasant.

To spread the Solution-focused thinking, to practise this motivation improving communication in the educational world, in leadership, in different organisations have become a prime mover that inspires and gives me energy. My particularly interest at the moment is in integrating the findings of recent brain research with the Solution-focused Educational work.
During the years we have found many new global friends when we have participated in many international conferences. We have given many workshops in Europe at EBTA ( and in SFBTA ( and also at SOL (Solutions in Organisations Linkup, where I am part of the steering-group.